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Home Automation with Control4

Why Automation?

Times are changing.

Homes are changing.

In this fast paced, media driven society, make sure your home is not left behind.

Advancements in Home Automation Systems have brought that Technology in reach.

Imagine the ability to control: HVAC, Lighting, Security Systems, CCTV, Door Locks, Garage Doors, Shades..

As well as, Multi-Zone Whole House Audio and Theater Systems.


Imagine intergrating all these systems and controlling them from one remote in your house or from your smartphone from anywhere in the world.

The Time Has Come. Make Your Home As Smart As You.


Watch Video on Automation

Do you or your loved ones come home after dark?  Make sure you leave a light on.  Program any light to turn on or off at dusk and dawn.  Forget to leave a key under the mat?  Lock and unlock your front door remotely from a computer or smartphone.  Did I shut the garage door?  Open and shut garage doors remotely with instant status update emails directly to your smartphone.  Have a security system?  Get email alerts on your smartphone when your alarm  has been set off.  Arm and disarm your security system from a computer or smatphone.

Ever have a sump pump fail?  Pipe burst while on vacation?  Water can be one of the most destructive forces to your house.  Prevent water damage.  Instant email alerts to your smartphone when water is detected.

Lighting control can save you money.  Monitor and chart your monthly power consumption.  Ensure lights are never left on by accident.

All systems are completely expandable.  Add on control of any device at any time.  You are limited only by your imagination.   In many cases, a technician can update a system remotely saving time and money.

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